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    Employing refugees

    Asylum seekers may work during their temporary stay in Germany. Find out the requirements and conditions for this.

    Beschäftigung von Flüchtlingen

    Visit to a WillkommensKITA

    After one year as a WillkommensKITA, a day-care centre teacher from Gröditz reports on the progress and challenges in everyday dealings with refugee children and their families.

    WillkommensKITA integration project
    Besuch in einer WillkommensKITA

    Refugees and asylum seekers in Saxony

    In response to the rising refugee numbers, the Saxon state government has approved extensive measures for accepting and integrating people seeking shelter and protection.

    Maßnahmenpaket der Sächsischen Staatsregierung

    Healthcare for refugees

    Refugees and asylum seekers are legally entitled to medical care in the event of illness. Read about the various services and rules here.

    Gesundheitsversorgung von Flüchtlingen
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    Press Releases on Asylum (in German)

    Asylum FAQ

    Frequently asked questions and answers on the asylum issue

    Frequently asked questions and answers on the asylum issue


    Refugees and studies

    Are refugees allowed to study?



    How can refugees be integrated successfully?

    How can I help?

    How can I help?

    Aid programme contacts

    Refugees in Saxony

    The number of refugees being accepted into Saxony is still on a high level. The state of Saxony has taken in around 14,860 refugees and asylum seekers in 2016. The Saxon state government provides the latest figures on the refugee situation in the state, as well as measures for accepting and integrating people seeking protection, on the website Asylinfo.sachsen.de.

    Racists and public enemies no longer form the basis of civilised interactions in Germany.

    Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich

    Service portal Amt24

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    Asylum information Amt24


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