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Integrating refugees through sport

Integration von Flüchtlingen durch Sport © dpa-Bildfunk

The Saxon Cabinet has provided additional financing for refugees to be integrated through sport. The Saxon State Ministry of the Interior (SMI) and the Saxon State Sports Association have devised a plan to implement these measures.

A total of 50,000 Euros has been provided in 2015 alone to enable things to get started. The funds are intended for:

■  Establishing contact
■  Counselling and assistance
■  Employing exercise instructors
■  Financing travel expenses
■  Purchasing additional sports equipment.


The aim is to integrate refugees in all areas of club life. The sports clubs and their members will be made aware of the intercultural work to remove any prejudices against refugees and therefore any xenophobic attitudes. The Saxon Sports association already has structures and requirements to achieve the aforementioned aim as a result of the “Integration through sport” federal programme. These experiences and resources will now be drawn on.

Initial steps

The basis for successful implementation is to select suitable sports clubs. The second step involves creating meeting and contact platforms, taking advanced training measures and holding information events. All these elements also need to be co-ordinated.

The project is split into three levels


■ Sports clubs are made aware of refugee issues, and help facilitate the integration of refugees.
■ Sports clubs are informed of the refugees’ living conditions in Germany.
■ Refugees are familiarised with club sport in Germany.


■ Removing inhibitions through sport and games, trials, tournaments, mobile services, etc.
■ Creating a communications platform to get to know and understand each other
■ The club as the intermediary between refugees, its members and the sports services


■ Refugees are involved in sporting and all other areas of club life, e.g. through regular participation in exercise groups, courses, competitive teams, etc.

Insurance for refugees and asylum seekers

The Saxon Sports Association has taken out non-member insurance with ARAG Sportversicherung for all clubs organised through it to ensure the costs of accident insurance for asylum seekers and refugees are covered. The insurance includes:

■ Accident insurance
■ Liability insurance
■ Legal protection insurance

Participation in events and direct commutes to and from sporting venues are also covered, giving refugees and asylum seekers equal insurance cover to other club members. The Saxon Sports Association bears the costs for this.

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Competition »Active for Democracy and Tolerance« 2016

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