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Refugees and studies

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Refugees qualified to study at university must be granted university access as quickly as possible. This requires fast recognition of coursework and examination performances by the relevant German university. Ensuring the refugee students are supported by their German classmates is another important element in ensuring successful integration into German university life.

University access for refugees

Hundreds of students in Saxony have already volunteered to look after refugees at universities. Teachers, including at Chemnitz University of Technology, have established initial language classes, while scientists at the University of Leipzig have founded an Internet platform where refugee scientists can get in touch with German colleagues and local research institutes.

We don't currently have any information on the educational/academic background of the refugees coming to Germany. But anyone meeting the requirements for study will be enabled to do so.

Dr Eva Maria Stange, State Minister for Science and Art

German employers' award

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»Education for successful integration«

Online portal for refugee scientists

New guide

Guide for asylum seekers in Saxony

Guide for asylum seekers in Saxony

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